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Consultant – Agile Coach – Transformation Coach


Erich Bühler
started his career in 1993 and spent several years in positions of different global companies before establishing his own company. In the beginning, he specialised in software development (Software Engineer, Business Analyst, IT Consultant, etc.), which gave him the basis to understad the issues faced by companies trying to transitioning towards the digital economy.

He has worked for several private and government initiatives, is CSM, CSP, outstanding young man 2002 in Uruguay, has several publications (McGraw-Hill) and has been a pioneer in the social model for agile enterprises and Digital IT organisations, expert in scaling Scrum and transformation of organizations of different sizes towards Agility. These are some of the areas that has worked:

  • Finance
  • Defence
  • Telecomunications
  • Aeronautics
  • Consultancy
  • Global distribution Software

He is the leader of the Agile Ibérica initiative, which supports community events on Scrum, Agile and Lean in different countries and has organized several ScrumDay.

As a consultant, has been working for years with organizations in different industries where he helps Scrum Teams, heads of organizations and leaders to succeed.

Erich Bühler aims to create companies of excellence in which people feel they are worth working there, breathing culture and tell their story.

Their approach is to create an environment that fosters excellence delivering value to the customer and adaptability taking into account the ongoing market disruptions. To achieve this, he works together to put an approach that challenges traditional models and classical forms through a mix of Agile change management, Lean and innovative mental models.

Erich Bühler has also been a university professor and has served as a Agile consultant, Enterprise Agile Coach Enterprise in dozens of global companies. He has an extensive experience in creating change environments that enable the organization to move quickly to modernize its vision and essence.

As a presenter, has won the recognition of different types of audiences, from small to large in events in Europe, India,  Latin America and USA.

As an author, he has regular publications of different types to support the community  towards a sustainable cadence in a world of aggressive competition.

These are some of the companies that have relied on him in recent years (Spain, England, Malta, Chile and Uruguay, among others):

You can follow him on Twitter @erichbuhler with his daily thoughts in Spanish about Scrum, disruptions, Agility and progressive organizations or in English in Linkedin.

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