Enterprise Social Systems explained

What is Enterprise Social Systems (ESS)?
It is a theory, a set of tools and a framework for organizational change that allows to accelerate the transformation and modernization of any company.

Unlike classical theory that focuses on seeing the organisation as interactions between machines and human beings, the neo-classical theory that focuses on mechanical and physiological variables, ESS focuses on four interdependent fixed areas (Social Systems, Mindset, Formal Organization and Value Creation) with a strong focus on the Value Networks (or how the value is created).

Its main hypothesis is that business value is a key element and that the increase of relevant information flows, learning, the way in which the work is made visible, how the blockades are managed and the decrease in complexity will have a positive impact on the creation of business value and therefore increase in profit .

What are its benefits?
ESS is not intrusive therefore it allows people to feel comfortable when using them regardless of the methodology, the mindset or the types of structures used in the company.
ESS helps change to get viral and supports the creation of innovative ways of work and plans that support the modernisation of the company in record time.

What are the foundations of ESS?
ESS explains the company as a complex system of 4 interdependent and fix parts (Social System, Mindset, Formal Organization and Value Creation) where each of them has a set of specific characteristics which are affected by different factors.
The fact of seeing the organization in a standarised and consolidated way helps aligning the way that employees see the company´s structures, their dependencies and options to make a change.

What are the main ESS components?
ESS has the following 5 components:

– Enterprise Social Density
– Enterprise Social Visibility
– Enterprise Blocking Collaboration
– Permission to learn pattern
– Complexity and complication pattern

ESS also offers a change framework called ELSA which makes possible to implement a change in the company in an effective way.

Where to learn more?
You can 1st watch the Webinar about Enterprise Social Systems from Scrum Alliance.

Then you can download and read from –HERE– the description of what the Enterprise Social Systems are.

And finally download the the original 34-page booklet that explains about social systems (initially called Social Models).


Download it from here and enjoy!

También disponible en Español.

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